Digital voice recorder

Item No.: 3478

Product Description

● One-touch recording.
● 199 recording files can be stored.
● Professional WAV, MP3 format recording.
● Blu-ray color screen.
● One-click save function.
● Support telephone recording function.
● Support multiple formats for audio playback.
● recording low-power automatic save function.
● Automatic shutdown/power saving function.
● Free drive U disk function, USB2.0 general-purpose interface, high-speed data transmission.
● Mobile hard disk storage function.
● Recording automatic gain function (AGC).
● Built-in microphone (capacitive) recording.
●LP.SP.HQ.SHQ recording sampling.
●LINE IN audio recording function.
● Built-in high quality speakers.
● It can record continuously for 20 hours and play 7 hours.